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1. When we talked about naming rights, we mentioned the new museum. The new library is the new part of the Tsinghua Library, which is said to have received a sum of money from Shao Yifu. As we all know, it should be crowned with the name of Yifu Building, but Tsinghua is afraid of losing face. It was not until Shao Yifu came that the school was afraid of offending him, so it set up a small card in a particularly inconspicuous place. I just heard about it, because I haven’t found it. 2. The radio station requests songs. Laugh. Because each program has only two songs for everyone to order, so if a person orders two songs in a row, it means that the whole time period is covered, and others can’t order on the same day, so they charge two more. Song ordering is the only income of the student radio station, but the drought and flood are uneven. When they engage in activities, they all come to order. There is no time. When there is no activity, no one orders. The people in the station play with each other. Sweat. 3. It seems less and less like Tanbi. Alive. Yesterday, someone advised me to be pure and do the theory of friendship. No, I just like these two together, and I have to go through all kinds of hardships to make them come together. 4. Finding a job after graduation is really a lot of fun and a lot of worry. Especially students from other places. But you can always get through it, right? At 8 P. M. on December 31, the West University Carnival. As early as two weeks before that date, large black letters on red propaganda paper had already covered all the propaganda boards of the school. A few strokes of silhouettes looking at each other dancing, a few guitars, a few notes and countless exclamation marks. In addition,wire nail machine manufacturers, in the school radio station, the organizer and the head of the sponsor unit were interviewed continuously, and for a time, the West University Carnival became the focus of whispering on campus. Lin Lin arrived at Building 26 around 5 o’clock. As soon as he knocked on the door of 327, Guo Xiaoxi’s head came out. “Wow, Lin Xiaodi, that’s great. That’s great. One more coolie.” Entering the door, Lin Lin gasped. This is not a dormitory,Nail production machine, it is a disorderly warehouse. Boxes all over the floor, big, small, empty, full. But a roomful of people is rare, except Qin Haiqing. Lin Lin said hello one by one and asked Feng Yinan next to him, “Where is Qin Haiqing?” “The second child..” It was here just now. Hey, Zhidong, where’s the second child? Feng Yinan had just washed his hair and was blowing it in front of a small mirror hanging on the bedpost. A woman called him out. Zhang Zhidong’s hair looked like it had just been blown, and his clothes had been changed. He wore a purple woolen sweater with a chicken heart collar over a white shirt, jeans and black leather shoes below. He glanced at Lin Lin. “Little Brother Lin, are you going to dance like this?” The heating in the dormitory is very good, especially with so many large radiators of 37 degrees, so Lin Lin took off his military coat as soon as he entered 327. In fact, Lin Lin’s clothes are no different from those on weekdays. The only pair of jeans has been worn white for a long time. On it is a white shirt of Dacron, Nail machine manufacturer ,Iron Nail Making Machine, which is already very thin and almost transparent, and a vest of grass green wool, which is obviously knitted at home. Zhang Zhidong took another look at Lin Lin’s shoes, a pair of single travel shoes of unknown brand. Lin Lin didn’t care about Zhang Zhidong’s words and said with a smile, “I can’t dance anyway, so I don’t have to dress up.” Feng Yinan managed to blow his hair well, and just as he was about to say a few words to Lin Lin, Qin Haiqing pushed the door in and sat down on his bed, holding the bed board with his hands, as if his face was a little pale. Usually he saw Lin Lin always talking nonsense to say hello, but today, Qin Haiqing just said lightly, “Ah, Lin Lin is coming.” It’s “Lin Lin is coming” instead of “you are coming”. Lin Lin bent down and frowned at Qin Haiqing. Qin Haiqing could not avoid Lin Lin’s eyes, so he simply closed his eyes and murmured, “It’s over.” “What’s the matter?” Qin Haiqing heard Lin Lin’s voice flowing in his ears. Well, he felt much more relaxed. He opened his eyes and cried, “Damn, my brother is going to be completely finished this time. Just now I went to find the hostess. The people in their dormitory actually said that she was not in good health at noon and went home.” “What?” Everyone was petrified. Liu Mingqing asked cautiously, “What should we do now?” Qin Haiqing roared, “I ***ing want to know,” and immediately became silent again.
Lin Lin has not said a word, at this time curled his mouth and punched Qin Haiqing in the chest, “get up quickly, now is a race against time.”. At that time, there was only one candidate for the host, or there were many backups? Qin Haiqing tried to think, “the Youth League Committee recommended another one at the beginning.” “Then hurry to find that one, this is a dance party, it is estimated that it is not very difficult to host, catch one again,” Lin Lin stretched out his hand to pull Qin Haiqing up, “look at you panic like that.” Like waking up from a dream, Qin Haiqing stood up and walked out three or two steps. Suddenly, he turned back and said to Lin Lin, “Benefactor, come with me.” Lin Lin did not move immediately. “Are you dizzy?”? Are you the general manager? Have you explained everything else? Where can I find you if something goes wrong? Qin Haiqing sighed while scratching his head, “I’m confused.” Take out the work record book and check it line by line. “Zhao Lei is responsible for the arrangement. Everything is in his place except a box of balloons. It should be no problem.”. Hey, head of the room, you’ll be here for a while, and Zhao Lei will move things later. Liu Mingqing said you can rest assured. That’s good. “Qin Haiqing went on to check.” Qian Yi of the Learning Department is responsible for the sound arrangement. He went with me to pick up the rented laser at 6 o’clock. Lin Lin is responsible for receiving foreign bands and organizing programs. He paused and poked Lin Lin with a smile. “Don’t be nervous. It’s Lin Lin, the beauty of our department, not you.” Lin Lin snorted, listening to Qin Haiqing and then pondered, “Finally, Fu Kai is responsible for media visits and the reception of sponsors.”. Ah He heaved a sigh of relief. “Let’s go and get the new host.”. Linlin, go. Lin Lin looked at the man in front of him from the panic just now, to the present nonsensical snap of his fingers,High Speed Nail Making Machine, resigned to follow him out of the 327. Hello, “Lin Lin asked Qin Haiqing on the bike,” have you handed in your application for Party membership? ” “What for?”? Do you want to scold me again? Qin Haiqing said with a smile.

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