The system screamed in his head, “Oh my God, is it too late for me to do data denaturation now?”? Whoo, whoo, whoo. What if we don’t like boys? What if he dislikes that my data is too hard? “All right!” Yu Chen stopped him in a daze and comforted him by saying, “The boy is so cute. How can you not like him?” Yu Chenhun returned to Meng Fu, opened the door and stood for a while, looking at the golden nanmu, the temperature of the inscription on it was still there, but after a long time, Ying Liangqi could not find him when he came back, and his love would gradually subside and turn into running water. He found a wooden box to put the gold nanmu in, and put a willow leaf in it. Willow leaf is the meaning of farewell, Ying Liangqi came back to see, will not not understand. He brushed off the morning dew, tidied up, and went out again, shouting as he went. Send monthly money, first come, first served, the top ten have another reward! Hearing this, the old housekeeper came over with a smile. “There are not ten people in the Meng Mansion. Can’t everyone get a reward?” “That’s natural.” Yu Chen smiled brightly, “Uncle Wang, you have been with me for so many years,push back racking system, from Dezhou to the capital, and then from the capital back to Dezhou, it’s really hard for you.” “What is your excellency talking about? It is my good fortune to serve such a master as you.” The old housekeeper still looks kind. I won’t say more about the superfluous words. You remember to take more silver to provide for your old age. How much silver is left in the account? Take it out for everyone. But don’t sell this Meng Mansion. You look after it for me for a year. When Ying Liangqi comes back, give him the deed. I’ll go out. Don’t wait for me to come back. Yu Chenhun explained a few words as usual, the old housekeeper was listening and wondering, before he had time to ask, Yu Chenhun had disappeared. Yu Chenhun didn’t want to disappear in Meng Fu, so he lied about going out for fear of scaring the old housekeeper. Anyway,shuttle rack system, he didn’t say how long he would go out. He stepped on the wet ground and walked to the bamboo forest, but this time he did not bring the piano, and the people listening to the piano were not there. It suddenly occurred to him that when he was teaching Ying Liangqi to practice the piano, his fingers were so stiff that he could not break them off, and the sound of the piano was so difficult that it was terrible. Yu Chendun couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth and look at the bamboo forest again. Come on, I’m ready. Yu Chendun said. The system sighed, “then you remember to miss me, I will miss you, later.” Maybe I can come to see you. “Well, I’ll wait for you and take you to eat delicious food.” For the first time, the system talked to him so softly that he wanted to touch his head. The system was a little frustrated, but he still couldn’t keep Yu Chenhun. Ready for the last time, countdown. Yu Chen closed his eyes and listened quietly to the sound of bamboo leaves around him. Suddenly, all the sounds around him disappeared, and he slowly opened his eyes. Yu Chen felt under his body and found himself lying on the bed in his original home. He took a deep breath and it was all over. Texas Zhao Chengshan left with Ying Liangqi. Xiao Zhihe knew about his joining the army the next day, crying for him to come back, but if he did not go, heavy duty cantilever racks ,mobile racking systems, it would be difficult to watch his beloved go to the frontier to suffer, and they could not be together. But on the battlefield, the sword had no eyes, the war was tight, and the two armies fought once, and the bones piled up on the battlefield could build a city. Xiao Zhihe did not expect Zhao Chengshan to do so for himself, and almost cried and fainted in his arms. Later It was better to be dragged to bed by Zhao Chengshan and made a dark place. But you.. What if something happens to you? Xiao Zhihe’s eyes are swollen like two small walnuts. Then why don’t you stop your tears and save them for then? Zhao Chengshan teased him, but was slapped in the face. You bastard! Xiao Zhihe cried even more fiercely, “what time is it.” Do you know that you are still telling me this at this time? I, I can’t lose you, I can’t. “I know.” Zhao Chengshan also followed the red eyes, but he wanted to protect the people in his arms, not willing to easily shed tears.
“Then you..” So what do we do. “Alas, Zhihe, you believe in your husband once, believe that I will be able to defeat the Turks, and come back with meritorious military service to worship in your palace, and then you will take me away, OK?” “That’s easy for you to say!” Xiao Zhihe did not buy it, at a loss to grab Zhao Chengshan’s hair, grabbed a strand of hair and did not let go, saying that he did not want to release anyone. So you want me to watch you go to the Turks to be a proton? The air suddenly quieted down. Xiao Zhihe was at a loss what to do. After a while, he sobbed, “You, you must come back safely. Please..” “Well, I promise you I’ll come back.” Zhao Chengshan promised. When you come back, I’ll give you everything I have. I’ll give you everything. Xiao Zhihe did not know what to say to express his love for him, let alone how to return his love. Zhao Chengshan couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. “I don’t need you to give me anything. I just want to come back in the future. The little prince will give me half of the bed. Even if I come in through the window every day, I will be satisfied.” At this point Ten years after Dian Hong, Meng Yaosheng disappeared. On the same day, two fast horses left Dezhou, one went north to Beijing to catch up with the examination, and the other went north to defend the country. In the 11th year of the reign of Dian Hong, the Number One Scholar in civil and military affairs lost only one person, and Ying Liangqi became famous. A round in the sky is held out, and all the people in the world look up, and it is really unique in the world. In the 13th year of Dianhong, Hongguo defeated the Turks. In the sixth year of the war between the two countries, the Northwest Army wiped out all the Turkic cities stationed in Hongguo and captured the Turkic generals alive. For the first time, the Turks sent people to ask for peace. In the same year, Emperor Dian Hong granted Zhao Chengshan, a general of the Northwest Army, the title of General of Biao Qi, with a golden seal and a purple ribbon. In the fifteenth year of Dian Hong, the frontier war was tight and the country was losing ground. The nephew of Zhao Chengshan, the present minister of the Ministry of Punishment, should wear the robe of Liang Qi, led the Northern Expedition, and fought his way out of the border. When the state of Hong won a great victory, the Turks were defeated and fled in disorder, so they asked for surrender and were willing to cede the city and pay tribute year after year. In the same year, Dian Hongdi’s dragon body was ill,mobile racking systems, and she could not afford to be frightened. Lan Guifei served her all night. In the 16th year of Dian Hong’s reign, Ying Liangqi followed his uncle on a punitive expedition against the Tubo, and won a great victory.

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