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yuan Feng could not persuade him, but could only listen to the eldest brother’s words and escort Miss Yun back to Linzhou, while yuan Chenxiao continued to follow Song Sinan into the capital. Grateful for your kindness, Mrs. Peng specially ordered people to prepare three carriages to make their return journey smoother. Before leaving, Song Sinan came to Yunqingquan and locked the streamer between her wrists. Thought he just came to say goodbye, clear spring did not have to guard against, looked at the lock bracelet, puzzled to look at him, “what is this?” Perhaps the sky is also sad for parting, this morning unexpectedly under the misty autumn rain, fine raindrops floating on her broken hair, falling on her eyelashes, misty rain like fog, winding in the middle of two people, he can not see clearly, I do not know whether the crystal in her eyes is sentimentally attached, or rain. Even if the decision has been made, to the time of separation, Song Sinan and she looked at each other, there is still a wave of ups and downs in the heart, it is difficult to face as calmly as the usual farewell, lowered his eyes for a long time before he said: “I can’t go with you anymore. This lock is delicate. It has a poisonous needle inside. It can protect you for me.” “I have a black jade flute. I don’t need this. You’d better keep it!” Said Qingquan will go to get, but do not know how to open the lock. One side of Meng Huaiyi looked at it lightly, “don’t waste your efforts, once the lock is buckled,cosmetic plastic tube, it can’t be opened, it’s all organs, forced random press will only hurt yourself.” You’re not kidding her, are you? Qingquan only felt that it was impossible. “Is it difficult to wear this lock for a lifetime?” “Unless you meet the people of Qianji Pavilion again, only they can open it.” “……” If you don’t see it, don’t you really want to wear it forever? The key is that the people of Qianji Pavilion don’t show up very much. They are elusive. Even around her, she can’t see them! Seeing her sad face, Song Sinan said with a smile, “If you can’t take it off,pump tube, just use it as a bracelet. It’s not ugly anyway.” She could only think so, but she was always worried about Song Sinan, so she gave him her Moyu Xiao, but he clenched his fingers and refused to accept it, saying that he would protect himself with a thousand shadow knives in his hand. Looking at each other for the last time, he tried to find a trace of nostalgia in her eyes, but her eyes were calm, it seemed that there was no big fluctuation, she had long wanted to go, how could she be reluctant to give up to him? Even though there were thousands of emotions surging in his heart, he eventually suppressed them and said, “See you again.” The most common words of farewell, but can accurately express his deep desire, he really hope to meet again, but I do not know whether there is that fate between the two. Road, Song Sinan forced himself to withdraw the line of sight, no more nostalgia, neatly turned to step on the carriage, empty cosmetic tubes ,tube lip gloss, one step ahead of her. He did not want to wait here to see the back of her departure, afraid that he would not be able to help dragging her back. What has been decided should not be changed. Her safety is more important than anything else! Qingquan really didn’t want to let yuan Feng toss back and forth like this, but it was not good to go against Song Sinan’s intention openly, lest he do something again, so he pretended to agree, and they took another carriage to the south together. The smooth road was fine, but as soon as he met the rugged path, the carriage began to bump badly. Soon Qingquan felt a dull pain in her heart and could not bear it. For her, it was safer to walk, but yuan Feng certainly did not want to walk. He just wanted to drive the carriage to Linzhou quickly. Men and women have different traveling habits, and there are many inconveniences, so Qingquan proposed at the rest stall. “Anyway, Song Sinan has already left, and he doesn’t know the situation on our side. You can go where you want to go and play for a while before entering the capital. If he asks, you can just say that I have arrived in Linzhou.” “That’s no good,” said yuan Feng. “Since I promised Nan, I must fulfill my promise. A good brother can’t be deceived. Even if he’s not around, I won’t neglect my duty. I will escort you to Linzhou.” This boy is used to cheating and playing tricks on weekdays. How can he be so upright at the critical moment that it doesn’t make sense? In fact, I don’t have to go back to Linzhou. I’m at home everywhere. I can go anywhere. yuan Feng, you really don’t need to follow me.
” yuan Feng, whose heart is to Nan Ge, never forgets to bring them together. “Since you can go anywhere, you can go back to the capital with Nan Ge!” “Except for the capital.” “Why?” yuan Feng does not quite understand, why a mention of the capital she will look suddenly changed, “there are your enemies?”? We can help you get revenge! It was a place of frustration, and now the wound was scabbed, and she really didn’t want to go back and uncover the scar, and she didn’t know how to explain it to yuan Feng, so she simply kept silent. yuan Feng was saying, “I don’t know if those men in black will go to trouble with Nan Ge again. Previously, the people of Qianji Pavilion followed him all the way. Although they were plotting to steal the cicada beads, they protected Nan Ge and helped us kill the men in black. Now the people of Qianji Pavilion have taken the cicada beads away. If the men in black come again, I’m afraid Nan Ge is no match for those bandits in Jianghu.” What can I do if I get hurt again? When he said this, he secretly observed the look of Miss Yun, and saw that she was frowning and worried. yuan Feng felt that he should strike while the iron was hot, so that she could change her mind and return to Nan Ge! The author has something to say: yuan Feng: There should be chicken legs here, thank you! Chapter 22 Only then did Qingquan remember that the strange tattoo was still on her body. Song Sinan asked her to keep it that day. Later, she never mentioned it again. In addition, there was a recent incident of black cicada beads, which made everyone restless. She had almost forgotten about the tattoo. It was not until yuan Feng mentioned the man in black that she remembered again that it was Song Sinan’s thing, and she should have returned it to him, but now that she had separated, how could she give it to him? And yuan Feng’s words have been lingering in her ears, she can not help but think, if the man in black really come again, Song Sinan’s back wound has not yet healed, he can cope with it? When the sky is not dark, a first quarter moon rises on the horizon, and a star guards a clear light, hanging quietly on the blue curtain. Did not find the inn tonight, Song Sinan and his party set up a military tent, living in the suburbs, where a pot was set up to cook, Song Sinan sat on the hill, looking at the silver hook in a trance. Seeing this,cosmetic tube packaging, Meng Huaiyi walked to the side of Song Sinan, and the cold evening breeze blew up his robe, which was cold and cold.

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